94% Quality Improvement


We were engaged  by the Managing Director of a £180m automotive business to develop and help execute a Built-in Quality with Ownership strategy to improve internal and external Quality performance. At the start, External PPM was 50, Internal PPM much higher with most defects being found at final inspection stage. The aim was to embed a stronger Built-in Quality ethos.


Over the course of 3 years support we


  1. Devised a JKK (Jikoutei-Kanketsu) Built- in Quality with ownership strategy tied into the business Policy Deployment


  2. Delivered communication of the strategy


  3. Ran interactive workshops to review and improve mature product quality performance & NPI from design stage through to launch


  4. We trained 170 key people across Operations, Engineering, Materials, Quality, Finance, Purchasing functions


  5. Established confirmation activities to support Built-in Quality through NPI and oversaw set-up of an Oobeya room to manage Built-in Quality across functions.


External PPM reduced from 50 to 3PPM.

Internal PPM driven down significantly at end of line and moved back to the source.

Internal trainers are now sufficiently skilled to drive, support, and train.


The business has won several Toyota (and other OEM) supplier quality awards since the strategy began.

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