We love to share our knowledge and show how Lean makes manufacturing easier

To us Lean isn't complicated, the trick is in the application. It's all about engaging & upskilling people.

We want to make Lean more accessible to more manufacturers by demystifying and showing you that there is an easier way.

Even our company name 'Sempai' reflects the passing on of knowledge

  • Japanese Toyota Production System (TPS) trained

  • Lean Enterprise Academy coaching (part of the Lean Global Network)

  • Experience within 1st, 2nd, 3rd tier Automotive, JIT sequencing, Aerospace, Construction & Medical

  • Worked throughout the UK, Europe, the US, Mexico, China, India, Japan and South America

  • Judging & site assessment for The Manufacturer TMMX awards

  • Conference speaking & publisher of 'Adventures in Leanland'

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) status

How we earnt our stripes

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