OEE up 22% across the factory


We were engaged by the Manufacturing Director of a £200m business to lead / guide the operational team to stabilise a shop-floor of 600+ machines working 3 shifts (plus overtime) producing very poor OEE performance.


We diagnosed weaknesses in 3 areas

  1. No structured 5s / TPM mechanism

  2. Ops leaders didn’t understand basic control requirements

  3. No method existed to sustain and continue improvement.


In response we

  1. Helped the team to develop a strategy for breaking down the shop and prioritising areas / machines

  2. Identified skills weaknesses at Manager / Cell Leader / Team Leader level and trained them hands on 5s & TPM

  3. Created and trained 6 zone champions

  4. Created visual control kamishibai style 5s / TPM approach to manage and drive improvement (6) Introduced layered audit and confirmation process for 5s / TPM auditing with a kaizen mechanism.


As a result OEE improved by an average of 22% across 25 key machines and the system has been sustained for some years now across the entire range of machines and processes. Knowledge was transferred to the zone champions and local Cell & Team Leaders.

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