People Development


We were contracted by the Head of HR of a first tier automotive company to develop stronger engagement of the shop-floor and business functions in Kaizen and Continuous Improvement.




We co-created a “Process Professional” process to recognise strong operators through their daily work. Communication and introduction was steered to ensure that the process had integrity as non-monetary recognition systems need handling with care.


We trained all Managers and supervisors in how to run, manage, generate interest and maintain motivation. The process had a very good take up


Additionally we supported the internal Quality Circle annual competition by hands-on training and mentoring 30+ QC entries using A3 summary approach for, primarily quality, but also safety and productivity problems


The business now has 15 “Process Professionals”, a number that is increasing month on month.

QC Circle competition entries have strengthened and they now have a standard A3 format for PDCA thinking. 

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