Lean Summit 15 reflections: soundbites & surprises (#4)

As a West Wing fan I'm a sucker for sharp dialogue and a decent soundbite, "decent "being the key to my testy relationship with soundbites. 

At best, they unlock a door to understanding but mostly they resemble the 1000 daily gems of wisdom I'm invited to consume via my LinkedIn / Twitter feed. The difference is context I think, which brings me nicely to this year's recently ended UK Lean Summit.

On reflection, my primary joy was to finally complete the hatrick of hearing Dan Jones (many times) , Jim Womack (2014) and a quickfire John Shook (yesterday!) speak in person. I sat in on John Shook's 'Developing Capability' session twice in the knowledge that his freewheeling style would offer up different gems on different days, and so it came to pass.

Below are the soundbites that got me thinking more deeply. In the coming weeks I'll elaborate a little more on why they matter so much to me...

1.  "The learning is to be found within the work"and it's easy bedfellow "Build structured opportunities for people to learn the way they learn most naturally" both from John Shook. Genius. Be cautious peddlers of pure powerpoint and simulation alone.

2. Equally interesting was Shook's interest in neuroscience and learning  - I think he's on the right path when he offers "It's easier to act your way to a new way of thinking than think yourself to a new way of acting", a basic tenet of NLP.

3. Terry O'Donoghue and Dave Brunt were great value again picking apart the ongoing Halfway Toyota dealership story. In response to a question about the risk of hiring experienced salespeople externally who wouldn't follow the standard, he said, quietly but clearly, "The system rejects them". That surely, is a measure of success.

4. So to the surprise mentioned in the title to this post. Tony Lamberton is a head teacher who gave a presentation with Sarah Williams about Lean in their school. Tony, I suspect, is a natural lean thinker grappling with his great question "Where does the pull start from in schools"- a deep inquiry into educational purpose.

Not content with this he pretty much summed up an engaged member, in any organisation, with "We want to be here, we want to make it better". Yep.

So, I'll post a bit more about these in coming weeks and thanks to the team at the LEA again for keeping me thinking after 18 years on the gemba.



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