"Testing Testing" update - Using Using...(#57)

Last year, as many of you know, we were busy creating and testing our new Lean Toolkit App SempaiGuide with 6 manufacturers and 20 Team Leaders. The results were great (see below) and we've taken on our first couple of clients. Our co-founder, Russell, kicked off with another 6 Team Leaders on Monday. Exciting times ahead...

So what does SempaiGuide App do?

Our vision at Sempai is to 'transfer true lean capability to the hidden heroes in manufacturing, to help them to make the right things better' and in essence that's exactly what our app is designed to do. To take our well earned lean knowledge and upskill Manufacturing Team Leaders in lean so they can make improvements to Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People (SQDCP) in their business. Critically, at their pace on the shopfloor and at the right skill level to suit the user.

What was the impact?

We were blown away by the testing results of our users. By using our app just once they were able to make an average cycle time saving of a whopping 42%, equating to a saving of £42,500 for our customers. Not only that, each individual improved their lean knowledge by an average of 50% and broadened that knowledge to areas where they were previously weak (People and Cost).

What did our testers think of the App?

We wanted to give our testers the opportunity to say exactly what they thought of our app, if you don't there's a danger that you forge ahead with a project that users don't actually like but are too polite to say. An anonymous survey revealed that 100% liked or loved it and 100% would recommend it as a way of

increasing lean knowledge.

What next?

We're committed to helping our manufacturing customers improve their businesses (SQDCP) and so we're forging ahead to make more Lean Modules so that Team Leaders can make an even bigger impact to their businesses. We'll be documenting our journey as we go so don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

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