The Infinite Monkey Cage does climate change (lean & green) (#14)

I've listened to BBC Radio 4's "The Infinite Monkey Cage", featuring Brian Cox (ain't space great) and Robin Ince, for years.

Monkey Cage is a podcast of choice to ease the tedium of commutes on account of the big questions it tackles with a heady mix of scientific rigour and comedy.

Today I caught up with this episode and felt the urgent need to encourage everyone to listen to it as a balanced, informative look at climate change, it's impacts and what companies like Coca Cola and Apple are doing about, you'll laugh.

My unshakeable belief remains that we in the lean community need to do our bit to convince our employers, customers, suppliers and clients that lean thinking naturally delivers climate mitigating protection. 'Climate change management' fits nicely into the remit of 'change management' in my world. 

I'm not advocating the banging of a strident Lean/Green drum but an approach to make it a part of daily business...this, after all, is what we're looking for in lean practice. 

So while you're all busy tallying up the savings you've made from 5s, waste elimination, Problem Solving, SMED, TPM etc activities, please shine a light on the hard environmental benefits. This is how we'll make it a natural part of the conversation and achieve a balanced business SQDCPE view. 

Not a new story I know, but our most pressing one I'm feeling particularly passionate about tonight.


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