The most useful lean things I happened across on Social Media in 2019 (#48)

A blog like this would usually be titled "Best of..." but I don't subscribe to the idea of "best" when it comes to knowledge transfer. How can you compare the benefits of person A picking up the right bit of knowledge at the right time to help them with their own situational conundrum, to person B's? For some people the "best" will have been to grasp the basics of 5s, for others how to recognise lean effort in a way that suits their team. I prefer the idea of "Most useful" and can, therefore, only comment on my own behalf.

I was tempted to dress up the categories and links below as being a planned long cycle PDCA thing, but I had no PLAN for my social media consumption and don't know how to CHECK the effect, thus there is no structured ACT...except I have to find a way of balancing 2 enduring problems.

Problem 1: separating the signal from the noise in the great ocean of lean blogs, tweets, LinkedIn posts, books and podcasts

Problem 2: In solving Problem 1 by following a few proven contributors, how do I avoid locking myself into an echo chamber.

Anyway, that's my problem. Here's 2019's "Most useful" according to me:

1) Most valuable contributor: @jmiller_kaizen. I've never met Jon in person but he writes from a depth of knowledge with little ego.

2) Most useful technical reflection moment for me:

3) Most useful reminder: spending time in Lexus and Toyota factories in Japan again to reinforce the power of attention to detail. It's all still about engaging more people to develop a thinking way so that they want to release their kaizen thoughts. Monozukuri wa hito zukuri will be the foundation of a strong Industry 4.0

4) Finest gemba expert reply on twitter: @NaanDerthaal

5) Award for high level hoshin clarity: from Hyundai via Monocle Magazine "Imagine if the world had no parked cars"

6) Explaining difficult concepts award: bitcoin explained (warning, swearing involved)

7) Tweet that made me laugh out loud, repeatedly:

8) The "Smallest Hill to die on Award": where deep professional knowledge is used to critique the process behind an innocuous post

9) The work am I most proud of this year: seeing my daughter develop the ability to see beyond the puppet show to look at the strings...lean thinking

10) Sempai award for "Spreading lean thinking": goes to Roberto Priolo at Planet Lean. He must have won the airmiles contest this year. Respect for his prolific quality output and going way beyond manufacturing to find and promote lean thinking.

On the subject of the Lean Global Network (LGN), Josh Howell (LEI) is a breath of fresh air and Dave Brunt (LEA) is one of the clearest thinkers about. This year I have consulted in the US, Japan and the UK and, as ever, my knowledge grows but remains insufficient. This is reflected in my favourite blog posted by me this year here

I remain steadfast in my suspicion of belt certification and the lazy thinking behind copy and paste lean roll-out.

Thanks & Happy New Year

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