Our Vision

Our vision is to transfer true lean capability to the hidden heroes in manufacturing to help them make the right things better.

Our Name

Pronounced  -  Sem-pie


Its sentiment - Sempai refers to a Japanese working relationship between a sempai and a kohai.  


The sempai is senior not necessarily by age but by knowledge and wisdom. The sempai’s role is to pass knowledge freely to the kohai at the right time without fear of being surpassed. The kohai’s role is to pin their ears back, commit to learning and aim to surpass their sempai.  Our business is built to pass on our knowledge in this way.

Our Story

Sempai was founded in 2007 as a lean manufacturing consultancy to assist organisations serious about improving the performance of their business.


Since then our lean transformation work has supported the Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Food & Drink and  Medical Devices sectors on shopfloors and boardrooms across 4 continents,upskilling 1000+ people to drive forward 100+ businesses in the UK, Europe, the US, China,India, Japan and South America.

We’ve designed and run multi-site lean programmes and, among other clients, have consulted for 10 years to a Toyota Group company, created the JCB Production System and established Accredited Lean Academies for two £bn global manufacturing businesses.


We’re recognised industry experts (regularly speaking, publishing & judging awards)


We have created an innovative Digital Lean Toolkit App

Our Stripes (and how we earnt them)

  • Japanese Toyota Production System (TPS) trained

  • Lean Enterprise Academy coaching (part of the Lean Global Network)

  • Experience within 1st, 2nd, 3rd tier Automotive, JIT sequencing, Aerospace, Construction and Medical

  • Worked throughout the UK, Europe, US, Mexico, China, India, and Japan