Adventures in Leanland

by Russell Watkins 

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If you earn your living in Manufacturing, Adventures in Leanland is a must read. CEOs, MDs, Supervisors, and Consultants alike stand to benefit from the insight and hard practical advice packed within these covers. Adventures in Leanland weaves our co-founder’s global experiences into stories, examples and advice to challenge and inform. 


Russell's highly readable style traces a path through destinations as diverse as Manchester, Mumbai and Mexico to give an honest evaluation of what you and your business must become to survive these turbulent times. Discover the critical lessons that 'lean' can learn from professional cycling, sniper training, baseball fights, nuclear accidents and panda breeding. 


Feel free to open up a conversation with us, our fundamental aim is for you to find much in here that makes you go "ah, that's what it means" or "that's a good idea".

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Chapter Excerpt

Walk a while in another person's shoes

A lean coaching case study about standardised work.


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Chapter Excerpt

Build good people to make good things

Good people are not built by gifting them knowledge.  How many of us gained confidence solely by being told that we are capable of riding a bike? Riding the bike – and falling off it occasionally – builds skill, experience and the confidence to encourage others into the saddle