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Practical lean masterclasses tailored for you, either self guided through our Award Winning Digital Lean Toolkit App, SempaiGuide or on-site.  

Whether you're a Business Leader (BL), Shopfloor Leader (SL), or a Lean Leader (LL) you'll find a lean course to suit your lean training needs.

Sempai - lean toolkit app

Our Award winning gemba based App, SempaiGuide is a digital lean toolkit that can be accessed at anytime to suit you.

Learn how to control and improve your part of the factory and deliver improvements as you learn.

It's on demand microlearning packed with tools to help Shopfloor Leaders do their job.

lean training & lean courses

Our on-site lean training workshops are designed to upskill you and your team through 70% learning by doing, 20% coaching and 10% active classroom training.

The masterclasses can be run flexibly in two halves to avoid tying up your team for too many consecutive days.

SempaiGuide Materclass list

On-Demand learning with

SempaiGuide logo
sempaiguide-area patrol

Learn how to spot abnormalities before they become a problem. Saving you time and expense.

Masterclass list

Our courses, whether self guided or face-to-face are built on 3 principles:


People learn best by 'doing' and trying things out in the areas they look after.  It's why our courses have a big practical bias.


Understanding lean is a start, being able to apply it skillfully is the goal. 


It's inevitable. Identifying where to apply lean, and then applying it - will lead to behavioural change and  KPI improvement.

These are our most popular masterclasses but it’s not an exhaustive list. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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