Lean Consultancy Services


Do you have...

  • Products being shipped with defects

  • Customers returning products/imposing penalties

  • Scrap/rework costs too high

  • Customers reticent to award more work

We can tailor an activity around your specific quality improvement needs.


Do you have...

  • High labour cost & low productivity

  • High overtime & tired people working too many hours

  • Expensive machines with low OEE & long changeovers

We can teach you how to seriously boost productivity without losing or demotivating your people or investing in extra equipment.


  • Regular late or short shipments

  • Customers nervous of your ability to ship more volume

  • Long lead-times & high premium transport costs

Do you have...

We can show you how to make late and short shipments a rare event (without packing the factory with inventory!)


Do you have...

  • Uncertainty about how to use lean strategically

  • A desire to benchmark how lean you are right now

  • A need for a clearer, simpler way of deploying your lean goals

We can tailor a workshop around your specific quality improvement needs.


Are your people...

  • Struggling to control, let alone find the time to improve the process

  • Not able to see the problems

  • Struggling to grow your next generation of Operational Leaders

We can train and coach your Team & Group Leaders, Engineers, Lean People and Business Leaders to drive your business forward.


Do you have...

  • Hurdles to overcome before you grow

  • Growing pains 

  • An acquisition in mind that requires due diligence

We can show you how to capitalise on your growth potential