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Are you looking to create a clear vision for a leaner future?  Do you struggle to identify your greatest priorities? Are you wondering if you're truly ready for the next stage of your lean journey?

Perhaps curious about how to find and fill the gaps in your processes or seeking to identify the next leaders from your gemba?

Our 5-week Lean Course, launching in March, is your ticket to reclaiming control over your business operations. 

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to simplify operations, streamline workflows, and drive sustainable growth. Say hello to simplicity and goodbye to unnecessary complexity.

Starts Thursday 14th March

£249 + VAT

senior opex manager hello fresh

"We were able to find super useful insights on our performance and came up with improvement activities that we are still implementing across our sites world wide!"

Laura Parra,

Senior OpEx Manager

10 hours live online

5 world class lean assessment tools

10 practical templates

5 x Q&A sessions to tackle specific issues from the group


Our next accelerator starts on Thursday 14th March and runs for 5 weeks, same day, same time. Each 2 hour sessions will be recorded and made available for you to listen back.

The 5 sessions will enable you to:






Create a clear vision for a leaner future  

TAKEAWAY: select, communicate, and manage your lean strategy effectively

Find your greatest priorities

TAKEAWAY: benchmark your manufacturing facility against the best globally

TAKEAWAY: Prioritise the next steps of your organisation’s lean transformation

Assess your readiness for the next stage of your lean journey

TAKEAWAY: understand your personal strengths and gaps in lean thinking and doing

Find the gaps, fill them and identify the next leaders from your gemba

TAKEAWAY: Assess your Operations teams’ ability to control & improve your facility

Develop capability whilst Digitising Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

TAKEAWAY: Introduce digital manufacturing while avoiding common problems

Meet Your Instructor  -  Russell

Russell Watkins lean expert

You're here to make great improvements to your business using lean techniques and Russell is here to help you do just that.

He's spent the last 25 years 
Upskilling thousands of people to drive forward 100+ businesses in the UK, Europe, the US, China, India, Japan and South America.

He's experienced first hand (on the shopfloor and in the boardroom) the hardwork that manufacturers like you put into making great products and striving to make your business better.

Sometimes it's easier to speak to someone who has made great strides with business to improve the working day, rather than struggle on your own.

He was trained by Toshiyuki Muraoka, a Toyota Production System Master who worked under Taiichi Ohno in Japan and has been fortunate to be able to share that wealth and depth of lean knowledge to help our clients make huge strides in continuous improvement.

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