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Would you like to know where you and your business are in your lean journey?

Sempai helps growing manufacturers to overcome strategic, operational & capability hurdles to become


We run Sempai because we love to pass on practical lean knowledge simply to all levels.

To us lean isn't complicated, the trick is in the application. It's all about engaging & upskilling people.

We have been honing our skills for over 20 years and in that time we’ve helped businesses from £1m to £3bn turnover and on all four continents of the globe to engage their people in improving their business through the adoption of lean principles. 

Read more about our vision to transfer true lean capability to the hidden heroes in manufacturing to help them make the right things better.  

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How we can help your lean journey

We recognise that life in manufacturing is often complex. Global markets are telling you to be more competitive, to improve quality, productivity and delivery. And all the while working to upskill your employees.

Yet where do you start?  

Our joy is in passing on our knowledge to you in a clear and simple way.  To demystify lean and to allow you to see the power of transforming your business by embracing lean principles so that they form a daily habit.


Chances are that as a manufacturer you have areas which you need to improve.  Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped other manufacturers tackle problems in Quality, Delivery, Costs, Productivity, and Skills and to make a sustainable change with an ROI between 3 and 20. 

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Digital Lean Toolkit

We’re excited to share with you that we have created an innovative Digital Lean Toolkit App.  

The App is currently being tested with leading manufacturers and will be followed by a launch and roll out programme.  Follow us on Linked    or click here to receive our updates

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How Lean Are You?

Ever wondered how lean you and your business is? Take our "How Lean Are You?" Scorecard and receive a personalised results report.


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